G&L Artist: Dan Weller

Dan Weller

Nashville based guitarist Dan Weller is enjoying the career that most guitar players only dream about. As a Nashville "go-to" kind of guy, Dan has worked with an illustrious list of artists that includes Colt Ford, Montgomery-Gentry, Kid Rock, Jason Aldean, Darius Rucker and others. Dan is currently on the road with Republic Nashville act Florida-Georgia Line. Dan's current arsenal of G&Ls includes an ASAT® Classic, Legacy™ Special and an L-2500 Bass, and we couldn't be more happy that he has spent over a decade with G&L.

"I fell in love with G&L guitars when I picked up my first ASAT!! A friend was using one on a gig while we were doing the TX circuit years ago and it was always on point! Couldn't get over the range of tones/styles it could cover...and how well it handled all the climate changes. My first G&L was an S-500 for the Johnny Lee tours - covered classic country tones, TX blues/rock tones with ease. Eventually I added a couple ASAT Classics - one ash and one alder - for touring but especially for all the session work. Those two guitars could cover so much tonal ground! They've been the staple guitars ever since. When there came a need for a "do everything" guitar, I went for the G&L Legacy Special and tweaked it a bit to get Strat/Tele/Les Paul/Gretsch type tones via push-pull pots, a super switch, and a slightly different pickup configuration. That guitar has been my #1 for the past 6 years. I never have to worry about how it's going to play bouncing between the humidity in FL to the arid heat of AZ. It's just consistent, solid, and a tone beast!! G&L's are my first choice guitars." - Dan Weller