G&L Artist: Jakob Smari Magnusson

Jakob Smari Magnusson

Jakob Smari Magnusson knows a thing or two about basses. Jakob has been touring nearly non-stop since 1982, when he first hit the road with eclectic singer-songwriter Bjork, and continues a rigorous schedule today with John Grant. And Jakob's choice of axes? Of course, it's G&L.

Jakob got his first ASAT bass in the early 80's, and continues to use it today, along with a pair of new G&L L-2500 basses. Jakob recently told us, "I've had a G&L ASAT bass since 1982 when I began playing with Icelandic singer Bjork. I have used that bass ever since. Recently I got a G&L L-2500. And what a bass! I used it for the first time last weekend on Dcode festival in Spain and it was like coming home again!"