G&L Artist: Rob Whytock

Rob Whytock

Hot new UK band We Came From Wolves is about to embark on an extensive tour of the UK, Europe and the USA. The group just released a new album and bassist Rob Whytock used his G&L SB-2™ bass exclusively to record the tracks. Rob told us, "As I was getting sounds in preparation for tracking, I saw a cool looking headstock sticking out from the rack. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a G&L SB-2. It looked like a Jazz Bass on steroids so i plugged it in to see what it sounded like. It made my Fender Precision sound like firewood! All of a sudden there was this throaty, growly tone leaping out of the speakers at me. This was the tone in my head, which I had been after for years. I asked the engineer to play the first track I was laying down and the playability and tone this bass had was unreal. It just sounded great no matter what I did to the settings on my amp. Upon listening back to the parts I had laid down, the engineer told me it was the best bass tone he had ever heard. I like to think that tone is all in the player but this G&L had a vibe and sound I have never been able to coax out of any other Bass!"