1996 - INXS take a break from filming the video for "Elegantly Wasted", the title track of INXS' last abum. The huge sets for the video were designed to look like the interior of a modern airport.   

The unfortunate death of lead vocalist Michael Hutchence occurred during the Australian leg of the tour which followed the release of the "Elegantly Wasted" album.


Andrew Farriss 

Andrew Farriss loves his G&Ls, and this particular Gold Metallic ASAT Special with Vintage Creme pickguard and black pickup covers was retired after this filming.  Those of you in the UK may recognize this guitar from photos in GUITAR magazine's interview with Andrew in the Fall of 1997.  This ASAT Special was signed by all of INXS, and is now displayed in the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.
Tim Farriss Tim Farriss has always been the comedian of INXS, and here he is in his classic form.  Perhaps we should say in his ASAT Classic form, as he shows off his cherryburst Classic.  Although he has several G&L models, Tim reports that he has a standout favorite - his Blueburst ASAT Classic with wood binding, pearl pickguard and a Bird's Eye maple neck with Tinted/Glossy finish.
Garry Beers Garry Beers is credited with turning INXS on to G&L.  Paul Payton of   F. Payton & Son, our Australian G&L distributor, showed Garry an LB-100 and he was hooked.  Garry always loved vintage instruments from the late 50's and early 60's, and although he says they need a bit of work to make them truly great, he's still an avid collector.  His reports that his G&Ls, however, were perfect from day one.  Garry is quick to point out that G&Ls, as our founder used to say, "are the finest instruments (Leo) ever built."  Since discovering the LB-100, Garry became more adventurous and chose an L-2500 for 5-string work and greater tonal variation.  Meanwhile, this black LB-100 with Vintage Creme pickguard is the only bass which has ever replaced his prized '59 P-bass for studio work.
Kirk Penguilly Kirk Pengilly is a master of "hooky" riffs, both on the guitar and the saxophone.  He's been known to have both his sax and a G&L around his neck at the same time, something we'd never attempt.  Here he is with his favorite S-500, a black one with maple neck and Vintage Creme pickguard, black pickup covers and knobs.  While Kirk uses this S-500 a lot, he's also fond of his ASAT Specials.  We have also just completed a very customized ASAT Deluxe for Kirk, which we like to call the "Les Paulgilly".