G&L Featured Artist: Liv Slingerland

Liv Slingerland and her G&L ASAT Z-3 Semi-Hollow

You can find a bunch of YouTube videos featuring Liv Slingerland playing Fenders and a Gretsch, and laying down some tasty and clever blues lines. But on her band’s more recent single, the power-pop “Shouldn’t Bother,” she rocks the G&L ASAT Z-3 Semi-Hollow she’s had for a decade. And bear in mind, she’s just a few years past the age of 20.

The Los Angeles musician calls herself a “rock, pop, and blues guitarist/singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist,” for the past year, she’s been fronting her self-named band at Los Angeles venues such as the Hi Hat, Harvard and Stone, The Echo and The Satellite. Liv was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us.

How long have you been playing G&L?

"I’ve been playing my G&L guitar since at least 2007, when I started high school. I might have acquired it in 7th or 8th grade – can’t quite remember – but I’ve been playing it for at least 10 years."

You play the Z-3…

"Yes, I currently play an ASAT Z-3 Semi-Hollow, but I’m also interested in the Fallout and SC-2 guitars along with the JB basses."

What is your go-to Z-3 pickup position, and what do you like about it?

"Lately I’ve been using the third (middle) pickup position because it gives me the right amount of fullness in tone while still being able to cut through the sound of my band during solos."

What projects are you currently working on? Are you on tour or about to go on tour? Anything you want to plug or have us place a web-link to?

"I’m currently working on building momentum for my own alternative rock band, Liv Slingerland. The group consists of myself on guitar/lead vocals, Madison Scheckel on guitar/background vocals, Genna Projansky on bass, and India Pascucci on drums. We have self-released one single, “Shouldn’t Bother,” and are preparing to release two follow-up songs, which will complete our first EP. From there we plan to continue building our Los Angeles fan base, writing and recording more music, and touring."

You play out all the time. Other contexts?

"In addition to fronting my own band, I also play bass for Los Angeles-based rock-and-roll singer/songwriter Lauren Ruth Ward and guitar for Los Angeles-based folk-pop band Lucy and La Mer. I have traveled with both projects recently, including a May 2017 tour to the East Coast with Lauren Ruth Ward to play at venues including U Street Music Hall in Washington D.C. and the Bowery Ballroom in New York and an April 2017 tour of college radio stations on the West Coast with Lucy & La Mer, including stops at Loyola Marymount University, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Davis. "

To learn more about Liv's current and future music endeavors, visit her website at: livslingerland.com