DF Vibrato System

The G&L Dual-Fulcrum® vibrato uses two pivoting points rather than the six wood screws attaching the a vintage type tremolo. Leo Fender† created this design to yield a much smoother, "silky" feel and allows the player to bend notes up as well as down. Unlike silmilar looking bridges, the DF vibrato uses a hardened steel bridge plate, pivoting on knife-edge bolts set into massive brass inserts anchored into the body. The bolts themselves are machined from billets of cold-rolled steel, then heat treated for hardness and finally plated.

The handling of the vibrato is improved with the addition of a machined aluminum tremolo arm that uses a single locking Allen screw, pressing a nylon insert to allow quick installation and removal, smooth feel, and also allow the player adjust the amount of resistance on the arm.

† The personal name, likeness and signature of Mr. Clarence Leo Fender are property of G&L Musical Instruments / BBE Sound, Inc. and may not be used in any commercial capacity without prior approval. For commercial enquiries regarding the use of the "Leo Fender" name, likeness or signature, please contact us. G&L is not associated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

DFS Vibrato System

The DFS Vibrato System made its debut on the 30th Anniversary F-100 and Legacy models and is optional on other USA G&L guitars.

This upgraded version of the DF Vibrato System brings an even higher level of performance to Leo Fender's design. Careful R&D revealed that improvements could be achieved with subtle design changes and materials selection. The result is a more focused attack, enhanced harmonic complexity and improved sustain.

Bridge Block – The bridge block (on the underside of the bridge plate) is now CNC machined from solid 1018 cold-rolled steel. This block is the primary contributor to the the DFS Vibrato System's improved sustain and well as fostering greater harmonic content of both individual notes and chords. The material upgrade is capitalized on by modification to the string retention holes to allow more length of the string to be captured by the block, allowing more string energy to be harnessed and transferred into the body through the pivot posts and back to the strings through the saddles.

Bridge Saddles – The DFS Tremolo System utilizes a new bridge saddle that is based on Leo Fender’s original design. The string’s “contact point” on the saddle has been refined to improve intonation, reduce string wear, and enhance attack. CNC machined from 303 non-magnetic stainless steel billet material, these saddles enhance string energy transfer to the bridge block and back again to the strings.

The result of these upgrades is a more resonant instrument where all the design elements (neck wood, body wood, pickups and the DFS Vibrato System) work more harmoniously to bring even more life and vitality to the guitar.