Plek Pro
video from PLEK A+D Gitarrentechnologie GmbH, the makers of the Plek Pro:

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Plek Pro Fret Analysis and Dressing for USA models

Next to tone, playability is the most important characteristics of a musical instrument. To ensure all G&L USA guitars and basses deliver the ultimate playing experience, every US-made G&L instrument has analysis and fret dressing performed using the PLEK Pro ("Plekked"). With the PLEK Pro the end result is ideal string action for each instrument.

This amazing machine first uses a calibrated index probe to scan a neck to determine curvature and the precise height of each fret, as well as the exact width of the neck at the nut. This procedure is performed while the neck is under tension to accurately simulate how the neck will respond when tuned to pitch. The PLEK Pro determines the exact amount of fret material needed be removed from each fret to achieve a perfectly level playing surface. The G&L craftsman studies the graphical and numeric data reported by the PLEK Pro then uses the software to optimize the dressing procedure for each and every neck.

Now the machine is ready to begin its work. The PLEK Pro instructs its computer-controlled cutting head to level and crown the frets. Once this is complete, the PLEK Pro initializes a small, high-speed rotary mill to cut string slots to the precise depth and width for the specified guage of each string.
Finally, the G&L operator instructs the PLEK Pro to perform a post-process scan of the neck to be sure the outcome of the operations is flawless.

After the PLEK Pro process, the G&L craftsman performs fret and nut finish work for a butter smooth feel and lusterous appearance.

Plek Pro Improves Quality and Consistency

The PLEK Pro has been developed to be used in guitar production factories and service-repair shops as a tool that not only performs precise fret dressing but also assists with quality control and R&D. PLEK Pro raises the quality of instruments to an extremely high and consistent level. This is a major breakthrough since the PLEK Pro identifies precisely what needs to be done for perfect fretwork, executes this rapidly, and delivers perfect results on the instrument.

We at G&L are proud to be among the early adoptors of the PLEK Pro.