The G&L 2012
Special Collection

If you’ve got a thirst for thin finishes, you’ll find these refreshing axes from the G&L crew in Fullerton especially satisfying. This 2012 Special Collection features G&L’s newly-developed Nearly Naked™ (NENA) finish in a delectable hue called Honey Ale, applied over premium two-piece swamp ash bodies and tastefully paired with a rare, NOS Baltic Amber pickguard (where applicable).

Having worked with a variety of staining and burnishing techniques, G&L craftsmen developed the Nearly Naked finish blending old-world techniques with modern finish technology. Conventional staining techniques can produce stunning results on flame or quilt maple with their uniform grain patterns, but these same techniques applied to swamp ash with its wide grain variation often provides disappointing results. Applying a dark stain can hide a mottled appearance, but this masks much of the wood’s beauty. G&L’s Nearly Naked finish is different, using a proprietary finishing technique for a naturally balanced appearance. What’s more, the Nearly Naked finish is surprisingly durable yet still manages to reveal the wood’s natural texture to the touch.

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