G&L 2012 Special Collection JB

Available for a limited time

Product Overview

Players fond of the old adage "if it ain’t broke…" haven’t played a JB. You see, the G&L JB™ is all about refinement, blending "holy grail" Alnico single-coil tone with modern improvements and superb craftsmanship.

The JB’s classic Alnico V pickups have tone reminiscent of the best examples from the early ‘60s, thanks to the work of Paul Gagon, G&L VP Engineering. Gagon found his inspiration reviewing original prints stored in Leo Fender’s† private laboratory at G&L, but that was just the start. About 30 years ago, Gagon was an R&D engineer at another company when he was tasked with finding out what was so special about the early bolt-on basses many players raved about. Gagon tirelessly analyzed many examples of what were considered "holy grail" basses, spending time out on the shop floor talking to builders still working in the pickup department since the ‘50s, all on a quest to discover where the real mojo was – and wasn’t. What he learned from the builders matched his own engineering analysis. You see, back in the day, the actual spec of pickups coming that down that old production line varied considerably. That meant coming up with the right specs was more challenging than simply following the prints, and Gagon’s persistence paid off as the JB serves up delicious, classic tone.

This JB is particularly tasty with its Nearly Naked™ (NENA) Honey Ale finish over its swamp ash body, tastefully accented with a NOS Baltic Amber pickguard. The slim, rosewood-capped hard-rock maple neck features an easy-playing satin finish, while its contemporary 12” radius and Plek-dressed medium-jumbo nickel frets deliver silky playability. What’s more, the JB features an innovative Leo Fender-designed Saddle-Lock™ bridge to transfer string energy right into the body end-grain for an incredibly resonant instrument. The moment you open the luxurious custom-fit Tolex hardshell case made by G&G Quality Case, you’ll be greeted with an instrument of timeless elegance and a delicious aroma that’ll have your pulse racing.

† The personal name, likeness and signature of Mr. Clarence Leo Fender are property of G&L Musical Instruments / BBE Sound, Inc. and may not be used in any commercial capacity without prior approval. For enquiries regarding the use of the "Leo Fender" name, likeness or signature, please contact us. G&L is not associated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.


  • PICKUPS: 2 G&L Alnico V single-coil pickups specced by Paul Gagon
  • BODY WOOD: 2-piece Swamp Ash
  • BODY FINISH: Nearly Naked™ (NENA) Honey Ale
  • NECK WOOD: Hard Rock Maple with Rosewood fingerboard
  • NECK FINISH: Clear Satin
  • NECK PROFILE: G&L #8 with 12" radius
  • FRETS: Medium Jumbo; processed by PLEK
  • TUNING KEYS: Custom G&L Ultra-Lite™ with aluminum tapered string posts
  • BRIDGE: G&L Saddle Lock™ with chrome-plated brass saddles
  • CONTROLS: volume, volume, tone
  • CASE: Deluxe Hardshell Tolex Case w/Fitted Interior

The G&L 2012 Special Collection JB enjoyed high praise from Eric Parsons, courtesy of Bass Musician Magazine, the online magazine for bass players and the bass industry.

This particular bass was loaned to BMM for the review by G&L dealer Watermelon Music in Davis, CA. That's right, straight off the wall and into the hands of reviewer Eric Parsons who was clearly impressed.

"The neck is trim and fast, the PLEK finished action is smooth, precise and easily accommodates both finger playing and slapping with little extraneous pickup or fret noises."

"Plugged into an amp, the sound of the bass is extremely focused and responsive. When I hit a note it is immediately all there, there is no lag time for the note to bloom or build."

"Playing the bass with a pick and palm mute provides just the right amount of thud accompanied by the definitive snap of the pick - a perfect tonal balance."

"This bass is versatile, extremely quiet, [especially for single coil pickups] and will work in a variety of musical situations."