More than twenty years ago, Jerry Cantrell bought his first G&L® Rampage while working at a Dallas music store. Little did the world know that, through his work with Alice in Chains, the Rampage would be the instrument used to define the music of an entire generation. Today, Jerry’s Rampage is affectionately known by his fans as the “Blue Dress” guitar.

Its nickname comes from an image of a vintage pin-up girl wearing a blue dress, which Jerry taped to the top of his guitar. The “Blue Dress” image was originally published in an issue of Oui magazine, and was created by Alain Aslan, a world-renowned French painter and sculptor, whose work was seen in magazines such as Lui and Oui.

Jerry Cantrell

Each Rampage Jerry Cantrell “Blue Dress” guitar encompasses all of Jerry’s modifications and features of our Fullerton-made Rampage but with some very special upgrades and additions. Each “Blue Dress” will be signed by Jerry on the rear of the headstock, sealed in forever by factory-applied satin finish, a quarter-sawn hard-rock maple neck with ebony fingerboard, a Cantrell-designed

Motor City humbucking pick-up and an edition-numbered “Blue Dress” graphic neck plate. Also included is a Red Monkey Italian leather strap designed by Cantrell, twelve Dunlop/Cantrell picks and comes complete in a black flight case with Jerry’s name stenciled on both sides. Two Certificates of Authenticity are included; a "Blue Dress" certificate signed by Jerry and a Custom Build Certificate signed by Steve Grom, G&L Director of Manufacturing in Fullerton, California.

Jerry Cantrell Blue Dress Signature Rampage Guitar

Check out the video of Jerry Cantrell signing “Blue Dress” headstocks at the G&L factory in Fullerton. While he was here we presented him with the #1 of 50 "Blue Dress" Rampage, so he grabbed a cable and plugged into our Marshall.