Savannah Collection ASAT® Classic Bluesboy™ 90

2013 Limited Edition. View the whole Savannah Collection.

The G&L ASAT® Classic Bluesboy™ 90 is a fresh take on the proven Bluesboy vibe, swapping the standard Duncan Seth Lover neck humbucker for a Paul Gagon-designed P-90 made right here in Fullerton. But the Savannah model is the first time a Bluesboy 90 has been made with body woods other than Alder or Swamp Ash, and the first special edition of this model.

Flip to the neck P-90 and there's a whole lot of bluesy tone but with more harmonics than you'll get in a humbucker. If you've dreamed of an ASAT that delivers stellar "woman tone," then here's your guitar. Think of an old Epiphone Casino and you're in the neighborhood, but our neck P-90 is wound lighter to pull out more top-end sparkle.

This P-90 pairs beautifully with the Okoume/Korina body: the soft, open grain of the semi-hollow Okoume softens and rounds the attack by absorbing some high-frequency content, while the tighter grain and density of the Korina enhances note definition. There's just so much body in the tone of this guitar, yet it never approaches getting mushy.

At the bridge, as with the original Bluesboy, the single-coil Magnetic Field Design™ pickup created by Leo Fender† delivers crisp attack with complex harmonics, while individual brass saddles offer classic resonance with modern, spot-on intonation. Leo’s MFD™ bridge pickup is a sweet, bright pickup by nature, but in this Bluesboy the soft, open grain of the semi-hollow Okoume body adds emphasis to the mids while the tight grain of the denser Korina top retains the high-end sparkle.

The Bluesboy 90's middle position is more gritty, less smooth than you'd find on a traditional Bluesboy. So if you like your meat a little more raw but don’t want to stray far from the proven Bluesboy formula, this Savannah Bluesboy 90 is just the axe for you.

The G&L name, stylized G&L logo, distinctive "hook" headstock design, ASAT, Bluesboy, Magnetic Field Design and MFD are registered trademarks or trademarks of G&L Musical Instruments / BBE Sound, Inc.

† The personal name, likeness and signature of Mr. Clarence Leo Fender are property of G&L Musical Instruments / BBE Sound, Inc. and may not be used in any commercial capacity without prior approval. For enquiries regarding the use of the "Leo Fender" name, likeness or signature, please contact us. G&L is not associated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.


  • PICKUPS: Neck - G&L P-90, Bridge - G&L MFD single coil
  • BODY WOOD: Semi-Hollow Okoume with Korina top
  • BODY FINISH: G&L Old School Tobacco Sunburst
  • NECK WOOD: Quartersawn Hard Rock Maple with Pau Ferro fingerboard
  • NECK FINISH: Light Tint Gloss
  • NECK PROFILE: G&L #1 with 12" radius
  • FRETS: Medium Jumbo; processed by PLEK
  • TUNING KEYS: 12:1 ratio, sealed lubrication, adjustable knob tension
  • BRIDGE: traditional boxed steel bridge with individual brass saddles
  • CONTROLS: 3-position pickup selector, volume, tone
  • PICKGUARD: Single-ply black pickguard
  • CASE: Deluxe Hardshell Tolex Case