Savannah Collection ASAT® Junior II

2013 Limited Edition. View the whole Savannah Collection.

The ASAT Junior II is back, following its debut with the Korina Collection in 2011 – itself inspired by the original ASAT Junior of 1998. But let's skip history class and cut to the chase: if you're a fan of P-90 tone, this might be your "desert island" guitar. As you flip through the pickup combos and dial in the volume and tone controls, you'll find an incredible palette of tones.

For starters, the Junior II's P-90 pickups are wound to our own specs, custom balanced so you can jump back and forth between the two pickups with consistent output. You P-90 fans know what we mean. The neck P-90 has a lighter wind than usual, tuned to this guitar. You see, the soft, open grain of the semi-hollow Okoume body softens the attack, focusing more on the mids, while the tight grain and high density of the Korina top accentuate the upper harmonics.

The bridge P-90 is overwound to add power to the mids, and the chambering of the Okoume body broadens that midrange response. The Korina top is an excellent companion because it opens up the articulation of the highs for improved clarity and note definition.

These pickups take the distinct tonal elements of P-90s and tailor them to blend ideally. There's no question that the Junior II speaks in P-90 tones, but it's neither a one-trick pony nor a guitar that takes effort to coax. It’s versatile, and the tones are right there. Pack all this into an instrument that's light and comfortable, and we think you'll never want to put it down.

The G&L name, stylized G&L logo, distinctive "hook" headstock design, Custom Creations and ASAT are registered trademarks or trademarks of G&L Musical Instruments / BBE Sound, Inc.


  • PICKUPS: G&L P-90 pickups by Paul Gagon
  • BODY WOOD: Semi-Hollow Okoume with Korina top
  • BODY FINISH: G&L Old School Tobacco Sunburst
  • NECK WOOD: Quartersawn Hard Rock Maple with Pau Ferro fingerboard
  • NECK FINISH: Light Tint Gloss
  • NECK PROFILE: G&L #1 with 12" radius
  • FRETS: Medium Jumbo; processed by PLEK
  • TUNING KEYS: 12:1 ratio, sealed lubrication, adjustable knob tension
  • BRIDGE: TonePros T3BT locking bridge with T1Z locking tailpiece
  • CONTROLS: 3-position pickup selector, volume, tone
  • PICKGUARD: Single-ply black pickguard
  • CASE: Deluxe Hardshell Tolex Case