MusicRadar Falls for the Tribute® Fallout™

MusicRadar and Total Guitar Fall for the Tribute® Fallout™ and its sister publication Total Guitar magazine took our Tribute Series Fallout for a spin recently, and treated the guitar to a stellar review and overall 5 star rating. The review touches on both the model's uniquely hip cosmetics and its sheer tonal versatility:

"There's no disputing it; the Fallout is one cool guitar. It looks cool and it sounds cool. Whether you're playing scratchy garage rock and need some angular skronk, or practising 24/7 till you master Television's Marquee Moon, the Fallout is for you."

"Or maybe you're an individualist who wants a super-playable guitar that can deliver a comprehensive gamut of tones, from powerful, muscular rock through bright jangle and sparkling cleans - and who doesn't want that? Again, the Fallout is for you."

Check out the full Total Guitar review here, and MusicRadar's 5-star rating here.

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