"Original Leo Spec" Body Depth Returns to the G&L ASAT

"Original Leo Spec" Body Depth Returns to the G&L ASAT

When Leo Fender debuted the G&L ASAT back in 1986, he poured his decades of experience into crafting the finest single-cutaway guitar he’d ever produced. During the instrument’s design process, he reasoned that the guitar’s body was an area of opportunity for refinement. The body really didn’t need to be as thick as his first single-cutaway guitar had been — a slimmer body, he reasoned, could yield both increased comfort and weight savings.

Following years of R&D to optimize weight, performance, comfort and aesthetics, the ASAT was born with a body milled to a sleek 1.625” depth. Early G&L guitars and basses also shared this sleek body depth, although in the ‘90s the ASAT body depth swelled back to 1.780” in an aesthetic nod to Leo’s earlier single-cutaway guitar.

For years, enthusiasts have asked for the return of the original 1.625” ASAT body depth, internally referred to as OLS (Original Leo Spec) by G&L factory craftsmen. Now, G&L is proud to announce that OLS body depth is available once again as a no-cost option on all solid-body ASAT guitars built in Leo’s historic factory on Fender Avenue.

Sleek, comfortable, and shaving an average of 1/3 pound from the instrument’s overall weight, OLS body depth may be combined with optional rear contour and arm contour for further weight savings and added comfort. The return of OLS body depth will surely bring a smile to ASAT and Leo fans around the world.

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