www.guitarsbyleo.com - The site where G&L owners discuss G&L Musical Instruments

G&L owners are encouraged to visit the Guitars by Leo G&L enthusiast site located at www.guitarsbyleo.com. This is a great resource where G&L owners share experiences, tips, techniques and preferences about G&L guitars and basses. There is a lot of information for everyone from professional musicians to enthusiast collectors.

The G&L Bass Support Forum on bassesbyleo.com - A great place to talk about G&L basses

For G&L bass fans there is a forum on bassesbyleo.com dedicated to G&L basses, so be sure to check out the G&L Bass Support Forum on bassesbyleo.com.

US dealers and overseas distributors interested in carrying G&L

Please email the sales department.

Replacement Certificate of Authenticity or Custom Build Specifications sheet

Available in our online store.

Technical Schematics and Wiring Diagrams

Technical schematics and wiring diagrams are available for most current and discontinued models. Another good resource is the Gallery at www.guitarsbyleo.com.

Warranty Registration Card

You may download your warranty registration card here.

Repairs and tech support

If you bought your G&L new (with warranty), please contact your dealer first. Your dealer may be able to resolve the problem quickly.

  • If your new G&L Tribute Series instrument is missing the warranty registration card, you may download it.
  • For warranty repairs in theUSA and Canada please contact the dealer where you purchased your G&L.
  • For other repair inquiries in the USA and Canada please contact Ben Rush at (714)897-6766 extension 156 or send an email.
  • For all repairs outside the USA and Canada please contact your national distributor.

To purchase replacement parts (except for pickguards) for your G&L instrument

In the US, please visit our online store or contact your local G&L dealer. Outside the US, please contact your national distributor.

Questions about transactions made at the G&L Online Store

Please email the Online Store manager. The repairs manager does not have access to Online Store transactions or inventories. The Online Store manager can only respond to questions about transactions and parts availability.

To purchase a replacement pickguards for your G&L instrument

Please visit Pickguard Heaven operated by Chandler Guitars, original equipment supplier of pickguards for G&L instruments. Pickguard Heaven can also supply custom pickguards in a variety of materials. Pickguard Heaven can also supply pickguards for Tribute Series models. If you order a pickguard for your Tribute Series model, YOU MUST NOTE THIS ON YOUR ORDER.

Artist Relations

Before contacting artist relations by email for the first time, please have prepared information about you, your band, management company, record label (if applicable), and which model(s) of G&L you may currently play. If you have a press kit in PDF or Microsoft Word, please attach it to your email provided it is not in a .zip file. Any email with an attached .zip file will be deleted without response. This information must be provided by you or your management before any further dialog can proceed. Artist relations enquiries may be sent by email only, and unrelated email addressed to artist relations will be disregarded.